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English Pronunciation Classes – for Business Success and Communication Effectiveness

Date: June 18, 2013 Author: admin Categories: Articles, Professional Services

Are you often misunderstood when talking to coworkers, clients and other business associates?  Do you often have to repeat yourself because of your foreign accent?


Foreign Accent Modification is a series of english pronunciation classes for motivated adults, designed to increase your self-confidence and success in your workplace and social connections by improving your communication skills.  With a global economy and growing foreign-born employment base, speaking English with a less heavy accent is more desirable than ever.


Motivated adults may be seen individually for accent classes in one of our two convenient locations:  Howell or Monroe Twp., N.J., remotely via Skype, or in your corporate office where training may be for individuals or group training of up to 5 people.  An individual speech analysis is performed followed by 13 Weekly sessions of 60-90 minutes.   Try our free online screening!


Call our office to set up your program (732) 942-7220, like our Facebook Page at and follow us on Twitter at @AllianceSpchLng.