Interactive Metronome

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Interactive Metronome

(IM) Universe Training

Advanced Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorders

With Interactive Metronome, patients experience a goal-based approach to improved motor sequencing and language processing including auditory processing and reading comprehension in as little as 15 hours. This program can be used with all ages.

An Interactive Approach

Used in more than 1,700 hospitals and clinics nationwide, Interactive Metronome is a computer-based program that takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity to improve attention, motor planning, and sequencing ability.  The new software is called IM Universe and contains over a dozen exciting interactive gaming quality screens and over a dozen more stationary screens to motivate participants.  IM Pro Universe is used in the SLP clinic, and IM Home Universe is used at home.

IM Home Universe

Now there is IM Home Universe for your convenience!  It has the same exciting interactive gaming quality screens as IM Pro Universe for motivating participants to perform tasks!  The best schedule is to use IM 5 days per week.  Frequency, intensity and repetition are very important to make brain changes.  By using IM Pro Universe 1 day a week in the clinic, and using IM Home Universe 4 other days, using IM is easy to complete!  Your SLP will monitor your progress using e-clinic where your program and results are viewed and changes can be made as needed to your program.  You and your SLP can exchange messages right on the Message Center screen!

How it Works

During one-on-one sessions, patients in the IM Universe program wear headphones and two wireless sensors on the hands and feet. Thirteen different exercises can be performed, during which the patient listens to a cowbell and must hit the sensor in time to the tone. Response time is measured in milliseconds, allowing for precise measurement. The results are displayed visually on the screen and by sound through the headphones. The variety of the exercises and the graphics and sound quality keep the student motivated, and the program can be individualized further with fun additions.  The high number of repetitions in IM treatment results in the improvement of brain processing the creation of permanent changes in behavior. The end result is improved language and processing for patients diagnosed with:

  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Apraxia
  • ASD
  • Aphasia

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