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Can also be called reverse swallow or immature swallow. When looking for Pediatric Speech, Language and Swallowing Services, expertise is essential. It  helps to find a place where children and their families feel welcome. At Alliance Speech & Language Center, we offer a caring, attentive environment with an emphasis on proper evaluation and state-of-the-art treatment.

Pediatric Speech and Language Evaluations

Maybe your child isn’t meeting milestones as quickly as their peers. Or perhaps a medical condition is interfering with speech and language development. Whatever the source of your child’s difficulties, we offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment. By reviewing your child’s overall development history, along with medical information, informal observation, and for testing, we develop a full analysis. We then work together with you and your child to formulate the right treatment plan. Stuttering and voice treatment is also available.

Setting up for a tongue thrust exercise

Setting up for a tongue thrust exercise

Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Tongue thrusts, tongue ties, open mouth breathing due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids and sucking habits such as thumb sucking and pacifier sucking can all lead to problems with speech production and swallowing. New tongue and bone growth patterns may develop and result in open bites, lisps and oral feeding problems. Speech pathologists trained in Orofacial Myology are able to properly diagnose and treat your child for these problems. By addressing the muscle patterns, the speech issues often don’t take long to improve. We work closely with orthodontists, allergists, ENT’s and oral surgeons to help you or your child achieve the goals for optimal results.  Click here for more information.


PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) for motor speech disorders including apraxia, autism, articulation impairments and other developmental communication disorders. PROMPT is a hands-on system of prompting speech that can be used on children of all ages who are not meeting their speech development milestones. PROMPT provides muscular restructuring of speech as a dynamic system. It looks at speech production in a hierarchy from Tone, Phonatory Control, Mandibular Control, Labial-Facial Control, Lingual Control, Sequenced Movements and Prosody. It considers Voicing, Timing and Duration, and the Integration of all of these systems.

Auditory Processing Disorders

We’re proud to be your area experts for the in-depth evaluation and treatment of auditory processing disorders. Our innovative treatments are brain-based, meaning they take advantage of the brain’s neuro-plasticity. With a blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge programs, including The Listening Program® (TLP), Interactive Metronome® (IM), and Learning Ears®, the perfect plan is formulated to directly address your child’s specific needs.

Reading and Literacy Skills

Poor reading skills may include difficulty sounding out words or understanding passages – but help is available. We’re proud to offer options designed to treat your child’s specific needs.

Irlen Screenings

Your child may have Irlen Syndrome, which is a visual processing problem that can interfere with communication skills – most notably reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.  A screening that takes 60-90 minutes to perform will determine the presence and severity of Irlen Syndrome.  There may be immediate improvement with the use of Irlen colored overlays.  If your child has moderate to severe Irlen Syndrome, they may benefit from a full diagnostic to determine the perfect color combination that filters out sensitive light wavelengths and worn as glasses.  Find out more about how we can identify Irlen Syndrome and offer solutions through a screening, which takes about an hour. Please visit and for more information.

The Listening Program® (TLP)

The Listening Program® (TLP)is a portable, music-based auditory stimulation program that improves listening skills using specially produced classical music. The end result is better sound perception which leads to better speech awareness and the ability to tune-up one’s speech and voice. Click here to learn more.

Fast ForWord® (FFW)

Language and reading intervention products that develop cognitive skills for success. Children make gains of 1-2 years in 4-12 weeks. These neuroscience products have been created to develop and strengthen the cognitive skills of Memory, Attention, Processing Rate and Sequencing.Click here to learn more.