Foreign Accent Modification

  • Socially Speaking

Foreign Accent Modification

Is your foreign or heavy regional accent holding you back from success in business?

Is it keeping you from communicating clearly to your colleagues, clients or social contacts?

Do you find that you have to repeat yourself to others?

Are you often misunderstood?

Is your accent is holding you back from being promoted or getting the job you really want?

If so, Accent Modification help is available.

Shira Kirsh, M.S., CCC-SLP, COM™ is a Speech Language Pathologist with 22 years experience working with all types of communication difficulties over 10 years working with English speakers with foreign accents who are motivated to use a more Standard American English. Shira is a member of ASHA and the IAOM. She has experience working with adults from a variety of countries around the world including: Philippines, Ukraine, Egypt, India, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Dominican Republic, China, Haiti, Ghana, Mexico, Romania, Colombia, French Canada and Portugal.

Clients have been professionals including:
Doctors, pharmacists, clergy, professors, computer engineers, students, teachers, scientists, secretaries, accountants

Shira is now offering individual or group classes when available in my office or your office conference room, for your convenience!  Individual speech analysis and individually tailored speech coaching for a base 13-week program.

Focus on:

  • Speech muscle training
  • Voice and intonation
  • Specific sound production – the sounds from your native language may be very different and hard to hear in English
  • Common grammar errors that may be specific to those with your native language
  • Learn how to put on an American accent as an actor would
  • Practice activities that are useful and fun
  • Specific needs related to your work and social communication